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Jesus wants us standing when he returns



When asked by His disciples about the signs of the end times and of His return, Jesus made it very clear that His will was for His great tribulation servants to survive these dreadful end times by not only standing, but standing firm and alert. He told us:

  • to watch out and be ready for increasing deceit, hate, betrayal, wickedness, disasters, famine, diseases, divisions, wars and rumors of wars, murders and persecutions of Christians (Matthew 24: 4-13)
  • about numerous traits of the anti-Christ so we could recognize him, and even stated that it is possible to calculate the number of the beast, so we might know, and watch out for him (Revelation 13:18)
  • to flee to the mountains when we see the anti-Christ standing in the Holy Temple (Mark 13:14)
  • to pray that this flight will not take place in the winter or on the Sabbath (Matthew 24:20)
  • to pray that we would be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that we may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)
  • not to come out of our hiding places until we see Him coming in the clouds (Matthew 24:22-26, 30)
  • that He would cut the days short so we could survive them (Mark 13:20)
  • to stand up and hold up our heads because our redemption is near (Luke 21:28)

Jesus wants us celebrating in victory

upon His return,

and not sprawled out all over the land, our bodies being picked over by vultures.

Join us in encouraging servants of God to help themselves and other servants of God to stand firm with their heads lifted high during times of devastation.

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.

End Time Planning Copyright 2016